Best sex terms urban dictionary in Bristol

Although you get the odd few yobs Backpedaling Pimp Nails It is the place where the middle-schoolers party harder than your average college student. Because the towns newspaper tells you where the DUI checkpoints are the day before.

best sex terms urban dictionary in Bristol

It is based on a paragraph edited out Sarah Palin's book of the same name where she let it slip that she has never trimmed her pubic hair because it helps her to stay warm in those long Alaskan winters. See also: towny. TSIF Person 1: Oh God, is your sister still making those awful homemade denim platform shoes with the tassels and beads and sequins?

Просто best sex terms urban dictionary in Bristol

The nemesis to Bristol University Rowing club. Ted: I think he got too drunk last night and ended up going rogue. When a woman chooses to let her pubic hair grow out fully, to not trim it or shape it in any way. Anol Rush B Cyka Blyat Anol

Chris: dude, why is Hobbes walking funny? Wetter than an otter's pocket Some one who talks like a Yer from Southmead , Bristol England. A situation describing a person of that inclincation.

Best sex terms urban dictionary in Bristol

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