Nfl players against same sex marriage in Lakewood

The day after I saw that interview I saw a doctor and started a medication that has erased my anxiety, saved my marriage, and turned my life from despair to a tough-as-nails attitude that has granted me great success. To anyone who has been down-talking Mr. Drug dealers, rapists, wife-beaters.

In my opinion, Roy Simmons made a choice to live this destructive lifestyle. It's like we've become a nation of crybabies. September 27,

nfl players against same sex marriage in Lakewood

Not really. The majority of amature Football players I have known are jerks or robots when they are in "the zone". Do you think just because you are straight that you are automatically moral???

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I wonder where they get so much certainty on something they are not experiencing. Scott, Seattle. The gay people I know, when they hit puberty and began growing up, went through a period where they would have done ANYTHING to just be able to wake up one morning and be "normal" -- i.

Perhaps Oprah should consider this a book club choice. I am a gay man who has been out for 20 years.

You might notice that the closest JC ever came to judging homosexuality was to say "judge not lest you be judged". I think there are bigger issues here than just saying it is sad that people can not accept someone for acting on their homosexual feelings. No man should be outed against his will, but it's time that any shame with being gay and an athlete be put aside.

The man was steel personified, then went on television and broke down to what amounted to a spirit crushing, soul shattering admission that his demons had gotten the best of him most of his life. September 27,

Nfl players against same sex marriage in Lakewood

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